ChronoMail is an email managment app that organizes your email from every folder across multiple mailboxes on your iPhone. It groups your email by senders and recipients and displays it as a contact list that can be sorted alphabetically or chronologically for easy archiving, flagging, or deleting. Chronomail can be a valuable tool for managing newsletters, searching for old emails and staying connected with your friends and family via email.


  • Supports multiple email(imap and gmail) accounts

  • Automatically creates internal contact list from email senders and receipeints

  • Links all email across multiple mailboxes to contacts


  • Swift lookup of contacts by email address or name

  • Sort contacts in alphabetical or chronological order

  • View all email from a given contact in chronomolical order

  • Promply delete a contact or clean all email from a giving contact


  • Create groups from email contacts

  • Send email to groups

  • View email from members of groups

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